Episode 65 – Our Gaming Glossary

We discuss how we create and use language in our hobby.  We also talk about how that helps us, and in what ways it can be limiting.


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Episode 63 – Collaborative Storytelling with Hayley & Vee

We are joined by Hayley and Vee from Storybrewers to chat about the differences with collaborative storytelling and more traditional types of storytelling.


Hayley and Vee publish under Storybrewers, which can be found here:
Or on Facebook here:

They are currently Kickstarting Alas for the Awful Sea: Myth, Mystery & Crime in 1800s UK.

Hayley’s Twitter
Vee’s Twitter

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Bonus Episode – Dissecting Sig with Jason Pitre

Jason and I chat about my experience with running Sig.  We discuss the changes he’s working on, and allow the conversation to move to encompass introductory content for RPGs in books.


The Kickstarter for Sig: The Manual of the Primes is on now.

You can find more of Jason’s work at Genesis of Legend Publishing.

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